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Residential Painting

Our expert services also include interior painting and decorating of new homes and existing homes, renovations or restoration work. Painting your own home or apartment in and around Brisbane can be a complicated, messy and a time consuming process, so why not take the stress out of your next residential painting project and leave it to us?

Residential painting has always been an integral part of our business and we pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail and excellent customer service. We have completed many homes of all sizes, exterior and interior and offer a free colour consultancy service with every accepted residential painting job.

Our professional painters have a wealth of experience with interior and exterior residential painting in Brisbane. Whether your exterior is chamfer board, weatherboard, stucco, blue board or render, Rossi Painters have the expertise to handle any project.

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Expert Painting Service

Rossi Painters creative edge also offer exterior and interior decorating such as, wallpapering and an amazing range of decorative finishes or feature wall effects, that are perfect for that subtle point of difference and personalized edge, enough to be used throughout your entire house.

The owner and director of Rossi Painters, is the Job Site Supervisor. He will personally oversee your entire painting project from start to finish. He will meet with you to give you a quote and he will also return and carry out the work, accompanied by our employees. He will keep you informed on the status of the project, answer your questions and address your concerns.

Our Vision

Rossi Painters is a professional painting company providing top quality painting services, with the ability and skills to completely change the style of a home through colour. Implementing new designs and concepts to aged and tired spaces that will give your residential property a fresh new look.

You may be looking to purchase a new home, or begin to plan renovations to your current home; whatever your situation, Rossi Painters can provide a solution that is friendly to your budget and will not compromise on quality.